Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Competento?
    Competento is companion animal food that makes competent parenting easy. It's not merely another brand on the shelf; It’s revolutionizing the way we understand and meet the nutritional requirements of our cherished family members.
  • Who is the Competento product intended for?
    Competento products are intended for cats and dogs of different sizes and breeds.
  • What type of companion animal food do we produce under the Competento brand?
    Nowadays, Competento offers customers the highest quality dry food for cats and dogs.
  • What products does Competento brand incorporate?
    The Competento brand includes 11 main products: adult dog food for all breeds, adult dog food for large and giant breeds, adult dog food for medium breeds, adult dog food for miniature and small breeds, puppy food for all breeds, puppy food for large and giant breeds, puppy food for small and medium breeds, senior dog food, adult cat food, sterile cat food, kitten food.
  • What pack sizes does Competento offer for its products?
    Currently, 14 kg and 2.5 kg packs of dog and puppy food are available under the Competento brand. As for cats and kittens, you can buy their food in packages weighing 10 kg and 1.5 kg.
  • Who manufactures Competento and where is it produced?
    The product is manufactured in Georgia, in a high-tech enterprise of European standards, by Nutrimax company (
  • How to store the product?
    The product should be stored in its original packaging or in a sealed container at a temperature not exceeding 27 degrees Celsius. In this way, air and humidity will not affect the taste qualities of the food.